Monday, February 12, 2018

Timeless Trends

Fashion Week is in full swing in New York City where the well-dressed fashion lovers fill the streets and establishments. This is their time to shine. The most prominent in the fashion industry display their wares and predict what will be hot and trending in the coming season. Jewelry is always a major part of any outfit you want to wear to create a stunning look.

The elite fashion designers may set the trends for the coming year’s couture, but there are jewelry classics that rarely, if ever, go completely out of style. Here are some of the hottest fashion jewelry trends that will be worn, in one design form or another, by the classically fashionable woman in all walks of life for many years to come.

  • Tiaras – Tiaras are beautiful and glittering crystal headpieces which can look like the crowns traditionally seen worn by royalty or like petite hairdressings. Tiaras have been on the trending charts for many years.
  • Hoop Earrings – Hoop earrings are classic accessories. Large or small, sheer single wire or embellished with beads and stones, they seem to be just as relevant today as they were in the disco era.
  • Bracelets – Bracelets have a long and strong history in fashion. From slim and tiny chains to big and clunky bangles, bracelets not only accessorize, but they are worn to represent a special personal meaning, belief or supported cause. Whatever you are looking for when it comes to bracelets, there is something for everyone.
  • Long Necklaces – Long necklaces have earned their place in the fashion world. They companion well with any style neckline and when worn with a choker or shorter necklace, make a personal statement of fashion sense. Today, long necklaces go with just about everything.
  • Diamonds – Diamonds “are a girl’s best friend” and have been the most popular, as well as the most durable and lasting kind of center gem in a variety of settings for eons. Whether the choice be diamond earrings, necklaces or bracelets, the look will always be iconic.
  • Coin Necklaces – Coin necklaces and bracelets have been top trending for many generations. Sometimes the craze cools, but then someone famous is seen wearing one and the demand becomes a rage once again.
  • Stacking Rings – Stacking rings have an expensive look, but they’re super easy to assemble and usually cost effective to add a personal statement and unique features of your wardrobe.
  • Earring Drops – Earring drops seem to never go out of fashion and, in moderation, they are appropriate for business wear as well. Current designs include cascades, long fringe and chandeliers, but they can be customized to fit almost any style popular at the moment.
  • Rose Gold Anything – Rose Gold has become the chosen color over Gold or Silver in accessories from jewelry to cell phones. Having a warmer feel than silver and a cooler feel than gold gives it a luxurious attraction for many.

Keeping your own taste in mind and reflecting your current mood, adjust and add to the trending styles when building your jewelry wardrobe. It reflects your individuality and your personality and makes you feel like an intricate part of your social world. Experiment and, above all, have fun!