Tuesday, January 16, 2018

How Does Jewelry Make You Feel About You?

Hi! How are you? Well, I'm not really asking about your health, although I do hope you are well; however, I am asking how you feel about yourself. Today's world is filled with challenges and circumstances that your grandparents, yes, even your parents could never imagine and yet, you face new challenges every day. What does this have to do with jewelry you ask?

To overcome those daily challenges and live each day to its fullest, it's imperative to take inventory of how you feel about YOU. Let's do a little evaluating together, shall we?

1. Are you a copy of your mother, or do you strive to be your own unique person?

2. Do you choose the path less traveled, or do you follow the trendsetters you find on the Internet or in magazines?

3. Would you rather be classically understated and conservative in your style, or are you flamboyant and a risk taker?

4. Do you use jewelry to accessorize what you wear or do you plan your outfit around the jewelry you design?

What did you learn about yourself in these few questions? Now, in perspective, however you answered them, you can be sure that every piece of jewelry you wear tells a story about you.

I have always personally felt that a woman's (or a man's) confidence and unique character are her greatest assets. When you have self-confidence, it doesn't matter that you may be carrying a few extra pounds, or that you have a blemish or that you're having a bad hair day. Each of us have days when we aren't on top of the world. But what is important is that you can feel good about yourself in any situation. You know who you are inside and that the love you feel for yourself brings out an inner beauty for the world to see.

Now, back to the point of this story, when it comes to your choice in jewelry, each piece you wear tells something about you. Here are some ideas that could boost your confidence and individuality:

 *Wear jewelry that makes a statement about who you are and matches your personality, not that of some untouchable Hollywood actress. If you are feeling regal, why not make a necklace that enhances your mood and lets you stand out from the crowd like our Nobility Necklace?

 *Find pieces that support a cause you believe in. As an example, Antelope Beads offers Kazuri Ceramic Beads that are certified as Fair Trade and help provide disadvantaged women of Kenya a way to better themselves and support their families. See the Kazuri Ceramic Beads we have on the website.

 *Wear jewelry that has meaning for you such as a friendship bracelet or a charm or pendant that connects to a symbol of your faith or a childhood memory. Maybe as a child, you danced in a field of flowers that our pretty Butterfly Wing Pendant could represent.

 *Make your own. To let your true personality, individuality and creativity shine, make pieces that you design. When someone comments on how pretty your necklace is, just think how proud you will be when you say, "Thank you. I made it!" We have tutorials that can help you make all your creative ideas come to life, no matter what your experience level. Watch and Learn Here!

Whether you realize it or not, every piece of jewelry you own has a story behind it. How does jewelry make you feel about You?