Friday, November 11, 2016

Trend Report: Delicate and Minimalist Jewelry

Delicate jewelry first hit the fashion world over two years ago, but shows no signs of slowing down!  Seen in stores from Nordstrom to Urban Outfitters, delicate jewelry designs can be simple and elegant, worn alone, or layered with other complementary pieces.

But what defines “delicate jewelry” and how is it different than “minimalist jewelry?” Delicate jewelry is frequently minimalist, using simple, small focal points and fine lines. For instance, the leather necklace shown here, “Turtle Voice,” is certainly a minimalist design, but not necessarily delicate.  On the other hand, the “All the Angles” is both minimalist and delicate necklace with its simple geometric lines and fine chain.

As far as trends go, delicate designs can be adapted for everyday wear with fine chains and a small pendant or charm.  Bars worn horizontally continue to be popular, along with geometric focal points. Short necklaces like this make great pieces that can be worn with any outfit.
If you’re looking for something that makes more of a statement, long pendants or geometry necklaces are the way to go. Long necklaces can be worn singly or in multiples for a beautiful layered look. However, be careful how you mix longer necklaces! You don’t want to over-complicate the look. Instead, try creating a tiered effect by selecting necklaces at different lengths. If this is too much effort, look for one necklace with individual strands from 18 to 30+ inches that are already connected – this takes all the guesswork out of layering!

The trends for delicate earrings and bracelets align similarly with necklaces. Most earring or bracelet designs are made from a few fine-lined components and thin chains or strands of leather. Quite often, long earrings will be comprised of one or two components.  Bracelets will typically be designed using a single strand of chain and maybe incorporate a single link, bead, gem or charm.

Delicate geometry earringsWhile these trendy designs can come at a hefty price, making your own delicate jewelry can be more affordable and customizable. All you have to do is add the components you like and tailor the length to your size and taste.  Antelope Beads has a great assortment of components for creating your own jewelry, including our new Designer Components series in brushed gold and silver. Combined with fine chains, leather options (including our new 3mm flat leather!) and delicate charms, the possibilities are limitless!