Monday, September 12, 2016

BOHO Body Jewelry - Be On Trend With Your Jewelry Designs!

BOHO Traveler designed by Melody & Elaine

Body Jewelry – literally means anything that is worn on or adorns the body, right? It can also mean any jewelry physically attached to a body part, like a belly ring.  Most of us think of jewelry as falling into four major categories – necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings.  Therefore, we will take the liberty of defining  “body jewelry” loosely as any jewelry that does not fall into these three standard categories.

The BOHO Traveler Can be worn as a Anklet or Necklace

Many cultures across the world would not find these to be standard categories at all. Women and girls in India commonly wear ankle bracelets with or without toe rings (footless sandals) – these are also known as “payal,” a term for an Indian anklet.  Egyptian women also frequently wore ankle bracelets. 

Arm cuffs have made appearances in Asia, Africa, and across the Americas.  A cuff is often thought of a rigid band fitting over the wrist or arm.  Both men and women in ancient cultures wore cuffs of a wide variety of designs and widths.  


They might have social significance – in some cultures, only royalty, warriors, or other important people might be able to wear them.  In any case, a wide cuff bracelet or an arm cuff is most definitely a statement piece – plan your outfit around the cuff rather than seeing it as a mere accessory!

The history of thong bracelets is more obscure, possibly Indian.  These are also known as “slave bracelets” (possibly going back to jewelry work by Byzantine harem slaves) but terms like “handflowers” or “Hath Panja” bracelets (meaning hand and grouping of five) are better terms in our thinking!  These can be elegant, funky, or boho in design and is a fun alternative to traditional bracelets.