Friday, April 8, 2016

How to Make an Infinity Coil Knot Bracelet

A handmade bracelet is a great look on anyone, especially when you can make it yourself. A stylish Infinity Bracelet uses a simple coil knot for design and it’s easy enough to make on your own. First, however, you must know how to make the coil knot itself. Follow our simple instructions below to get started!

The Coil Knot

Using a 10mm flat leather strip, a 2mm rounded leather strip, scissors and glue, we will practice making the coil knot which is essential in creating a trendy Infinity Bracelet.

  1. Using the 2mm strip, fold the end towards the back to make a little loop at the top about 1.5 inches long. 
  2. Lay this loop across the back of the base piece, which is your 10mm strip.
  3. Holding the loop in place, take the longer end of the 2mm strip and begin coiling around both pieces of leather. 
  4. Work your way up the loop, hiding it behind the coil (be sure the coils are touching each other and are not too spaced out).
  5. When you have about two inches left, thread the tail of the 2mm strip through the loop.
  6. Grab both tails of the strip and pull, tightening the loop altogether. 
  7. Use the scissors the cut the end pieces off the knot, shove the nub underneath the coil and glue it closed.

Great! Now you know how to perform the coil knot. This is essential is creating a handcrafted Infinity Bracelet, so take your time and practice.

The Infinity Bracelet

To complete this bracelet, you’ll need:

  • 14 inches of 5mm suede 
  • 14-inch pieces of 1.5mm natural leather (2) 
  • Bracelet clasps (2)
  • 8mm jump rings (2)
  • Bracelet slide
  • Optional: charms and beads

     suede coil knot bracelet
  1. Add the 8mm jump rings to your bracelet clasps and set one aside. 
  2. Attach one of the clasps to the suede about 1/3 of the way down.
  3. Grab both ends of the suede, hold them together and add the slide to both ends. Move the slide down to the middle so that it creates an even amount of loop and loose ends on both sides. 
  4. Take one loose end and apply the second bracelet clasp, moving it down about 2 inches. 
  5. Next, hold both loose ends and glue to the two together at their tips. After you have applied the glue, hold tightly for a few seconds.  
  6. Glue that section to the adjacent strip of leather, leaving the bracelet clasp in a tiny loop at the end by itself. 

Great! You have completed the first part of the Infinity Bracelet. Next, you will use the coil knot from earlier. If you need a refresher, check out this helpful video.

  1. Take one of your natural leather strips and begin the coil knot technique. Make a loop at the top of the strip, lay it across the base (the double loop of suede) and begin coiling.
  2. While you’re wrapping, be sure to completely cover the glued section.
  3. Put the tail through the loop, pull until the knot tightens and push the knot underneath the wrap.
  4. Once completed, push the other bracelet clasp up so that it is on the opposite side of the one you’ve been working next to. 
  5. Coil wrap the other side of the main bracelet now (be sure to coil the same number of times as you did on the first side).
  6. Loop, cut and tuck in this side as well, covering any glued suede. 
  7. Glue the tucked knots and be careful not to get any glue on the suede bracelet. 
  8. Finally, adjust the slide to the middle of the bracelet and add any charms you’d like!

After you connect both bracelet claps together, you have yourself a one-of-a-kind Infinity Bracelet! For more practice, watch our instructional video here and reach out to Antelope Beads with any other questions. Want to make the suede bracelet shown above? Click here to buy all the components for it!

Do you have tips or tricks for using coil knots? Share them with us below!