Monday, March 14, 2016

DIY Bracelets for Father's Day

It can be hard to know what to give the man in your life when it comes to birthdays or holidays. Some people are so particular about what they wear and what they like! It can be especially tricky when shopping for your dad. If you’re stumped when it comes to Father’s Day gift ideas, we have you covered! Here are just a few ideas for homemade men’s leather bracelets that he’s sure to love.

Lots of the designs we’ve put together focus on more neutral and natural colors so they don’t draw a lot of attention away from the outfit. This basic bracelet, for example, includes just one brass slider and a brass clasp on a length of Greek Regaliz™ oval cord. It’s a great design for anyone who is into a minimalist, modern look. You could even take the slider off and just use the clasps for a really basic style! This is a great design option if you’re just getting started with beading and you’re not comfortable trying some more advanced, difficult techniques.

Minimalist design is nice for the more conservative dresser, but what if you want to try something a bit more visually striking? Try attaching wooden beads vertically throughout your creation! This woven wrap bracelet strings Bayong block beads in a row between a length of cord so the bracelet has more texture and a unique style. You can replace the block beads with any style of bead in any color, but keep in mind that the larger the bead, the more wax cord you’ll need to loop through the beads. This one takes a little bit of patience and practice, but once you get the hang of the technique, it opens up a door to all sorts of new jewelry designs. Be sure to check out our YouTube video on making woven bracelets for some pointers.

For the guy that likes flashy, eye-catching accessories, our Elephant Walk bracelet would be a great design to mimic. A great design for young dads and free spirits, the style basically combines multiple bracelet styles into one piece that combines different cords, textures and colors. This type of design definitely takes some practice, so we recommend clicking the image to review all the various steps and links to associated videos.

There are plenty of gifts for Father’s Day available online, but why not give him something more personal? Using one of our templates as a guide, you’ll be making fun and unique men’s leather bracelets he’ll want to wear with every outfit! Check out our men's jewelry inspirations section for some great designs, and be sure to share your ideas and comments with us below!

Monday, March 7, 2016

A Spotlight on Jackfruit Wood Beads

Jackfruit trees are native to areas in South and Southeast Asia and are also known as Nangka. Their beautiful wood is a warm, bright shade of yellow that is used for everything from beads to furniture. We've ethically sourced and harvested this beautiful wood to give you some more natural options for your designs. Its bright, natural shade makes it an especially popular choice for beading enthusiasts and crafters, and we definitely agree!
 jackfruit bead earrings

One thing we love about the different Jackfruit beads we have available is their versatility to be incorporated into different styles of jewelry. Take these earrings, for example. The elongated design of the beads makes them a perfect choice as the focal point of dangle earrings. They could also be used to space out smaller components on a bracelet and save some money in the process.

Beads made of Jackfruit work well for simple, rustic bracelet designs as well. In this cork cord bracelet, you can see how a flat cord Jackfruit bead has been used with round cord to act as the centerpiece for the design. To help offset the slider bead and draw the eye to it, a few tube beads have been added on either side with O-rings to keep them in place.

 jackfruit bead bracelet
Both of these designs are great for accenting a colorful outfit, but they’re just the beginning of what you can do with Jackfruit beads. If you’re looking to welcome warmer weather with some bright, natural colors in your designs, head on over to Antelope Beads for all of your wooden Jackfruit beading supplies! Don’t forget to share your creations with us on Facebook. We love seeing what you come up with!