Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Spotlight on Bleached White Wood Beads

These beautiful White Wood beads are ethically harvested from wild trees in the Philippines. Naturally an off-white color, they’ve been bleached to a pristine, bright white using a pickling or vinegar solution. They have an almost matte white finish but the natural imperfections and patterns in the wood can still be seen if you look closely. The end result of the bleaching process is a beautiful Bulahan White Wood bead that’s perfect for designing a clean and elegant piece of jewelry.

bleached round white wood beadsOur 12mm round beads are perfect for mimicking a strand of pearls without the cost. One strand is plenty of beads for a simple bracelet or a small necklace, but you can break the pattern up a bit with tube beads. Each tube is 4x4mm in size and will contour nicely against the smooth, round finish of the spherical white beads. These White Wood beads are also great for breaking up sets of more colorful beads. Our Mandala Sand Painting bracelet is a great example of injecting some pure, classic white into a cool blue design piece.

bleached white wood tube beadsEach cut of bleached white wooden beads is available in a 16” strand which is perfect for most jewelry projects on its own, but also provides you with enough material to incorporate into other pieces. The gauge of the bead holes ranges from 0.5mm up to around 3mm in size, giving you plenty of options to match these beautiful White Wood beads with different cord styles. With strands costing $15 or less, adding Bulahan White Wood to your design doesn’t break the bank, either!

What sort of designs have you been creating with our bleached White Wood beads? Share your pieces in the comments below or on our social media channels!