Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Spotlight on Tiger Ebony Wood Beads

Found in several different types of Filipino trees, Tiger Ebony is a dense, hard bead that’s very dark in color. We love it because it has a polished finish, can be black, brown or a mixture of both and it’s a great choice for adding a dark, earthy element to your design. If you’re struggling to figure out how to incorporate Bulahan Tiger Ebony beads into your bracelet or necklace, we’ve got some ideas for you!

tiger ebony necklaceUse Tiger Ebony beads to break up sections of brighter color as we’ve done with this You Love This Wood Heishi bead necklace. The rich brown tones of the Tiger Ebony aren’t meant to overpower or draw attention, they simply act as a means of drawing attention to the brighter brown accents and flattering the neckline. Neutral colors are great at doing that!

Wooden Tiger Ebony beads are so striking they can be the focal point of a design, as shown here in the Night Leopard suede bracelet design we’ve created. Just one large-holed tube slider bead breaks up the pattern of the leopard cord and adds a touch of simplistic design to the bracelet. Quick and easy!
tiger ebony bracelet
They’re also a great bead choice when you want a design that resembles a charm bracelet with standard metal charms. Our Chocolate Drops cork cord bracelet features riveted Tiger Ebony beads spaced evenly throughout the design and smaller round beads bunched together on jump rings to get that dangling effect. Pair it with an autumn-colored outfit that’s orange, green or brown and you’ve got a great accent piece that’s one of a kind.
tiger ebony charm bracelet
Tiger Ebony wooden beads add that rich, dark color to a design while maintaining a natural feel and look to them. These are just a few ways to use them, but the options are almost limitless. What sort of uses have you found for Tiger Ebony wood beads? Let us know in the comments below or share your creations with us on Facebook!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Spotlight on Bleached White Wood Beads

These beautiful White Wood beads are ethically harvested from wild trees in the Philippines. Naturally an off-white color, they’ve been bleached to a pristine, bright white using a pickling or vinegar solution. They have an almost matte white finish but the natural imperfections and patterns in the wood can still be seen if you look closely. The end result of the bleaching process is a beautiful Bulahan White Wood bead that’s perfect for designing a clean and elegant piece of jewelry.

bleached round white wood beadsOur 12mm round beads are perfect for mimicking a strand of pearls without the cost. One strand is plenty of beads for a simple bracelet or a small necklace, but you can break the pattern up a bit with tube beads. Each tube is 4x4mm in size and will contour nicely against the smooth, round finish of the spherical white beads. These White Wood beads are also great for breaking up sets of more colorful beads. Our Mandala Sand Painting bracelet is a great example of injecting some pure, classic white into a cool blue design piece.

bleached white wood tube beadsEach cut of bleached white wooden beads is available in a 16” strand which is perfect for most jewelry projects on its own, but also provides you with enough material to incorporate into other pieces. The gauge of the bead holes ranges from 0.5mm up to around 3mm in size, giving you plenty of options to match these beautiful White Wood beads with different cord styles. With strands costing $15 or less, adding Bulahan White Wood to your design doesn’t break the bank, either!

What sort of designs have you been creating with our bleached White Wood beads? Share your pieces in the comments below or on our social media channels!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

An Antelope Beads Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to give a gift with some heart and meaning behind it. As we’re all about DIY crafting, of course we’re all about DIY Valentine gifts as well! It can be tricky to think of DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas, so we’ve compiled a handful of products you can find on our site that could be perfect for your Valentine’s Day gift, whether it’s a traditional bracelet, charm bracelet or some type of necklace.
gem on fire valentines bracelet

We love bracelet bars. They’re a great way to break up the continuous look of leather cord jewelry, and they add a focal point to any design. Try this antique silver-finished bracelet bar featuring stamped hearts and the word “love” in flowing script across the front. Pair it with some pink flat leather, add some clasps to close it around the wrist and you’ve got a quick and simple design she’ll love! The design to the right uses a plain bracelet bar to keep the focus on the cord and the gem in the center. This sort of design is great for color-focused designs.

sea glass bead earringsHeart-shaped charms are a great way to add some loving touches to a bracelet. Simple styles like an open-heart TierraCast charm can be added to any piece with jump rings so they dangle on the design, and they can be broken up easily with leather cord sliders like this one embossed with hearts. Spacing them out prevents the charms from catching on each other and lets you cover more surface area with fewer pieces. Have you ever thought about linking charms to create a focal point on earrings? These vine hearts to the left have been linked upside-down to create a centerpiece in these sea glass beads. It adds a small detail that gives the piece just the right touch of customization and style.

What about DIY Valentine gifts for him? Most men don’t like wearing jewelry, but don’t worry - we’ve got some great findings and components for him, too! Letter and number sliders are perfect for adding a personalized touch to a bracelet such as a name or an anniversary date, and they’re a bit more subtle so he can pair the jewelry up with more neutral outfits. All of our letters and numbers come in either antique silver or gold finish so you can keep your design consistent or mix and match.

Making your own Valentine’s Day gifts doesn’t need to be complicated or flashy. Find some components and colors that fit your style and just start pairing them up! If you’re still stumped as to how your design should look for your DIY Valentine’s gift, head over to our Ideas & Inspirations section where we’ve got a variety of Valentine’s gift design ideas you can use to draw some inspiration! We always love to see what sort of designs you come up with, so share your ideas with us below or comment on our Facebook page. Happy Valentine’s Day!