Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cultured Sea Glass Beads Perfect for Cool Summer Jewelry Designs

Cultured Sea Glass Beads - Recycled Glass Beads & Pendants for Jewelry Making

We are very excited to introduce our new Cultured Sea Glass made from Recycled Glass. The Sea Glass has a smooth matte finish simulating the polish created by the sand and sea.

We have over 60 different styles of beads and pendants in over 36 amazing colors. We know you will love working with the Sea Glass and incorporating the beads into your upcoming designs.


We are having a great time being inspired by nature and designing with the Cultured Sea Glass.  It blends well with our other beautiful artisan products. Layered designs are very popular these days and the Cultured Sea Glass colors and shapes will work well as a backdrop or focal in your designs! Click here to see 12 Fresh Design Ideas to inspire your own Cultured Sea Glass Designs!