Saturday, April 19, 2014

Riveting 2.0: Take your jewelry designs to the next level with new TierraCast Riveting Components & Tools

The artisans at TierraCast have spent the past year coming up with the next generation of Riveting tools and components. We are very excited to launch Riveting 2.0 and challenge all designers to see what creative and innovative jewelry designs you can come up with using the new tools and products. has created 3 new tools to make riveting easier and provide a more consistent look in your designs.  The Eyelet Setter & Anvil Set allow you to use eyelets that bring a new element of open holes or loops, which gives all kinds of different design possibilities.  Click here to watch the Setting Eyelets Video Tutorial created by TierraCast. 4mm and 6mm Snap Rivet Setter tools allow you  better control over hitting the rivets more directly on the  head and help maintain the shape of the rivet head.  The 4mm and 6mm Snap Rivets come in 6 great finishes, giving you right metal finish to complete your custom designs. are 3 different sizes of  Eyelets that come in 6 different metal finishes.  The 4mm eyelets are to be used with one layer of leather or cork cord.  The 5mm eyelets are designed for double layers of either leather or leather and a component. The 7mm eyelets were designed for stacking components for a great dimensional look. Use the TierraCast Micro Washers with the eyelets to make sure your components and the leather cord fit together without a lot of extra space above the eyelet head so that when secure the eyelet with the eyelet setter, you will be able to make a nice flat head. The Micro Washers also make fun design elements.

Enough with the mechanics.  Time to take a look at the rivetable design elements providing infinite possibilities to create unique and stunning jewelry. Click image below to shop!
Violet Energy Shield
Bamboo Shoots
Here are a few Design Ideas we have created to inspire your own creative juices. Click images to see all project components to make these cool bracelets.
Greek Triple Wrap
We know you are going to a lot of fun creating with all the Riveting 2.0 tools and components. Be sure to send us pictures of your riveted designs so we can show off and share your creativity. Send high quality images to: