Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Beaded Jewelry Design Contest - Win $150 of Products

                            1st Place $150         2nd Place $100         3rd Place $50 

Make a Necklace, Earrings or Bracelet using at least three Bulahan Wood, Seed or Natural Beads, all other beads and design elements are up to your discretion.

Entries must be received by June 16, 2014. Winners will be announced on June, 29, 2014.

Please click and email us with attachment of your high-quality jpgs images of your piece. No copyrighted designs.

Click here to shop all of the beautiful Bulahan Wood, Seed and Natural Beads

We had a special showing of Bulahan Beads at the Rocky Mountain Bead Society Show.
Here is what fellow Beaders had to say about the Bulahan Beads:

"The most beautiful wood beads I have ever seen"

"The Beeswax finish is very silky and the beads are very light in weight"

"The quality of the beads are amazing"

We know you are going to love the quality and beauty of the beads and you will make amazing jewelry for your design contest entries. 

Click here to shop the Bulahan beads. 
We are very excited to see your contest design entries!
Happy Beading

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Riveting 2.0: Take your jewelry designs to the next level with new TierraCast Riveting Components & Tools

The artisans at TierraCast have spent the past year coming up with the next generation of Riveting tools and components. We are very excited to launch Riveting 2.0 and challenge all designers to see what creative and innovative jewelry designs you can come up with using the new tools and products. has created 3 new tools to make riveting easier and provide a more consistent look in your designs.  The Eyelet Setter & Anvil Set allow you to use eyelets that bring a new element of open holes or loops, which gives all kinds of different design possibilities.  Click here to watch the Setting Eyelets Video Tutorial created by TierraCast. 4mm and 6mm Snap Rivet Setter tools allow you  better control over hitting the rivets more directly on the  head and help maintain the shape of the rivet head.  The 4mm and 6mm Snap Rivets come in 6 great finishes, giving you right metal finish to complete your custom designs. are 3 different sizes of  Eyelets that come in 6 different metal finishes.  The 4mm eyelets are to be used with one layer of leather or cork cord.  The 5mm eyelets are designed for double layers of either leather or leather and a component. The 7mm eyelets were designed for stacking components for a great dimensional look. Use the TierraCast Micro Washers with the eyelets to make sure your components and the leather cord fit together without a lot of extra space above the eyelet head so that when secure the eyelet with the eyelet setter, you will be able to make a nice flat head. The Micro Washers also make fun design elements.

Enough with the mechanics.  Time to take a look at the rivetable design elements providing infinite possibilities to create unique and stunning jewelry. Click image below to shop!
Violet Energy Shield
Bamboo Shoots
Here are a few Design Ideas we have created to inspire your own creative juices. Click images to see all project components to make these cool bracelets.
Greek Triple Wrap
We know you are going to a lot of fun creating with all the Riveting 2.0 tools and components. Be sure to send us pictures of your riveted designs so we can show off and share your creativity. Send high quality images to:

Friday, April 4, 2014

Animal Prints Are In - Make Fashion Forward Jewelry Designs With Our Selection Of Wild Beads & Components

Check out our Animal Print Clasps for Leather and Cork Cord. All you need to do is pick your leather or cork cord and attach the beautiful clasps with Super New Glue.

The Ladies of Samunnat from Nepal have created a line of Animal Print Beads for jewelry making with a wild side.  The high quality and light weight polymer clay will make beautiful and unique designs. Be sure to check out all our other unique handmade beads and components  at

Seasons Change Earrings – One Design, Three Ways

The three seasons of beads offered in the colorful handmade Samunnat Sundari bead line are perfect for showing how one beaded design can look completely different depending on the beads used in it. In the two pairs and one trio of earrings shown, the type, size and shape of the beads and findings remain constant throughout, while the colors of the beads and tones of the wood change.

The Spring pair is a fun example of how Sundari coins that coordinate, but don't necessarily match, work together for an eye-stopping pop of color. Samunnat Sundari coin beads come in all sorts of different styles within the same color combination. So, even though the floral pattern of the beads differs, they're lovely together because the same colors of clay have been used in both beads. As it says on our website, we unfortunately can't guarantee exact matches with these beads. With the harmonizing colors, it's safe to be adventurous though!

Click here to see our Spring Earrings or Summer Earrings  or Winter Earrings

Summer's pair of earrings takes that exploration to the extreme, with three earrings: two that match and one that coordinates. The sunny warmth of the Bayong wood beads works great with the subtle yellow touches of the Sundari beads' Summer color palette and the three beads allows for lots of different looks.

In the Winter earrings, the natural white wood rondelles parallel the beige polymer clay used in the petals of the flowers on the Sundari coins, while the sky rubber o-rings bring out the tiny bit of that same shade of blue used in the center of the beads' flowers. Copper spacers and findings add a balanced warmth to the cool tones of the beads.

These earrings are just one example of how one jewelry design can look different with just a few changes in color. The next time you're browsing through the samples shown on our Ideas and Inspiration pages, select a design you like and imagine it with a different color palette. It's a great way to experiment with new colors and beads, maybe even venturing out into a color brand new to you. Let your imagination go wild!