Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bulahan Wood: Blessed Beads

bulahan beadsBeads have been a part of many cultures throughout history due to their beauty, sustainability, and versatility, with nearly every major religion using some type of wood beads as prayer beads. It is only natural then that AntelopeBeads.com's new line of beads is called Bulahan, which means 'blessed' in the Filipino language. We find the many shades and grains of the beads in the Bulahan line work beautifully with our lines of handmade beads and focal pieces, and know they'll be fabulous additions to your beaded creations.

Dark Wood Beads

To add an earthy, rich tone to your beading projects, consider some of our Bayong round wood beads. The strand below features 4mm beads in a warm shade of brown showing a variety of natural imperfections and spots in the wood grain.

bayong wood beadsPerfect for offsetting your bright components and colored beads, these round Bayong beads are a popular choice and come in sizes ranging from 4mm to 12mm. If you prefer a lighter shade of Bayong wood, our selection of flat beads and more unconventional shapes will change up the color palette very slightly.

tiger ebony wood beads
Taking things to a dark chocolate shade of brown is our line of Tiger Ebony beads. Offered in the same variety of sizes and shapes as our Bayong beads, Tiger Ebony beads present dark, full shades of brown and black and have an especially shiny luster. While Tiger Ebony is a rare wood, we’re pleased to partner with suppliers that harvest the wood ethically by only taking its branches, thus ensuring the continued health of the trees. Take a look at some of our 8mm cube beads below.


Light Wood Beads

white wood beadsOn the other end of the spectrum, our Natural White Wood beads are finished with a beautiful, pure white style. Use them to add a touch of simplicity and elegance to your designs.

Rosewood also presents a beautiful option for a lighter, softer shade of wood beads. Our flat, round 5mm Rosewood beads (shown below) are perfect for a simplistic, geometric design. The second photo shows Rosewood beads in a petal shape which is a great option for a chunky, eye-catching necklace!


Colorful Wood Beads

If you’re looking to infuse your design with some more drastic colors like yellow, grey or red, we’ve got a great selection that will make your jewelry really pop.

jackfruit wood beads
To brighten up your wood bead creation, consider our line of Jackfruit wood beads. Featuring a vibrant golden hue, Jackfruit wood beads are a great option for infusing some color into your design while still using wooden components. Take a look at these flat, square 16mm beads.

grey wood beadsOur Greywood twisted round beads (shown below) offer a dark shade of brownish-grey, with elegantly dramatic wood grain. They’re perfect for offsetting your brighter beads and components.

Lastly, to really spice up your design, add some Redwood beads! Featuring a bright shade of red, or orange in some instances, Redwood beads are the perfect addition to a design that helps usher in spring weather and new life in the grond.
redwood beads

Our selection of wooden beads is vast, and we’re so excited to add these natural beads to our product offering. More so, we look forward to seeing what kind of creations you can come up with when you use them!