Thursday, November 14, 2013

Men's Bracelet Styles and Ideas

men's leather braceletAccent your personal style with the wide diversity of designs available now from Antelope Beads’ collection of men’s leather bracelets. We offer you all the components you need to build designer styles for durable accessories on the cheap. These sleek and structured bracelets come in a range from subtle to stunning for the perfect complement to your unique style. Each men’s bracelet design displays the leather straps, beads, and other components that are available individually from Antelope Beads, allowing you to create a truly endless array of men’s bracelets to suit your own impeccable taste.

men's snakeskin braceletFeaturing a wide selection of the quality leather strap designs that Antelope Beads has available, these stylish bracelet patterns were designed as the perfect masculine accent piece to complement a wide variety of tastes and wardrobes. At Antelope Beads, we source high quality leather goods in a vast selection of styles and colors, including Italian leather and genuine snakeskin designs, sold by the inch for a perfect fit. Studded, braided, and stitched leathers add an individual twist to many of our most popular bracelet styles. These men’s leather bracelet designs also feature an array of accent beads, rivets, and clasps, including magnetic clasps for a unique and seamless look. Worked metal, ceramics, and other materials add color and design to these classic leather bracelet patterns, and are sold individually for a DIY approach to fashion design that allows you to create the best look for you, every time. With components ranging from less than a dollar to just under $10 for clasps and accents, it’s easy to design a great look within your budget.

leather bracelet for menFor the true DIY artist, all components can easily be mixed, matched, and added to so you can create unique and personal pieces. Though our supply lists are popular suggestions for men’s bracelets, the individually sold components are perfect for letting your imagination run wild. Combine flat Italian leather in a vast array of colors and textures from just $0.40 an inch and up with colorful glass or metal sliders and clasps designed for flat leather. Use a rivet punch to add unique studs to your leather for a design all your own. Boro glass, also known as Pyrex, is available as colorful and durable beads and sliders to add color and originality to any men’s bracelet design.

Purchased as a whole design set or individually to unleash your inner creativity, men’s bracelets make an excellent and personal gift for friends and family. The wide variety of clasps, accents, and other components ensure that your bracelet can be as individual and special as the wearer!