Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Four Favorite Types of Leather Cord: Arizona, Egyptian, Vintage, and Cancun

Looking to explore a new type of leather for your next jewelry project? Our resident designer, Jamie Hogsett, chats about the different types of leather cords you can explore, including Arizona, Egyptian, Vintage, and Cancun leathers. She also reviews tips for working with each kind and inspiration for using them. We have over 30 video tutorials great for all levels of jewelry designers; we even have a few tutorials with projects that require no tools, which are great for beginners!

Hi, this is Jamie from Antelope Beads, and everyone at Antelope Beads is excited to introduce to you four new lines of leather cord. They are called Arizona, Egyptian, Vintage, and Cancun.

First up, we have the Arizona leather cords. It’s soft and smooth, with a really subtle distressed finish. It comes in soft, pretty, neutral colors, as well as bright pops of turquoise, purple, and red. All the colors come in both 5mm and 10mm widths, and here’s a bracelet that shows two of the 5mm Arizona leather cord colors.

Next we have the Egyptian leather cord. It’s a textured cord, also available in both 5mm and 10mm sizes. The tone on tone pattern of it is shown in really rich shades like olive and brandy, and there’s a really cool off-white that looks like an almost icy color. There are lots of other colors as well. Here’s a bracelet made with a piece of 10mm red Egyptian and two 5mm pieces of our next new line, which is called Vintage.

The Vintage line is full of really intense jewel tone colors, has some really nice neutrals as well, and it looks almost like well-worn leather. Almost like it’s been buffed to a shine. Here’s another bracelet with Vintage, this one showing a 10mm piece.

Our fourth new line of leather cord is called Cancun. As you can see it’s a bright cord and the texture is a mix of a real soft suede feel with these kind of bubbles of a bright shiny finish inside. It is available in three sizes: a mini Regaliz size, a 5mm round size, and it also comes in 10mm flat. The unique texture of this Cancun cord makes it just a little bit thicker than other cords, and because of that we ask you to please be sure to reference the leather chart on our website. The leather chart will show you exactly which clasps and components will work with the Cancun leather and which ones will not. Unfortunately there are some that just won’t fit, but the good news is there are tons that will fit, and you will be able to see all that in the leather chart.

In addition, I have a few tips to offer when working with the Cancun cord. First, I recommend that you cut your cord end at a slight angle, and this is going to help you to string on the different components. When stringing with the flat leather, you may be able to get the piece on fairly easily, but if you find it a little bit snug, it’s good to take a pair of needle nose pliers, and just grip the end while you pull the rest of the leather through.

As you can see I’ve cut all three of these at a slight angle, and that will help string on components in all three sizes. This one is a little tight as well but it will go on, and I will recommend that if you ever are trying a component and it won’t work on one side, always make sure to flip it around and try the other side, because you will be amazed at how sometimes that makes a really big difference. Also with the round Cancun, I have found that if I take the piece and kind of twist it as I am putting it on the cord that helps me to get it on more easily.

Now you can see here that the ends fray a little bit as I’m putting components on and because of this, if you are planning to put several components onto a piece of Cancun, we recommend that you purchase an extra inch or so for your designs. That way if your ends are getting a little too frayed, you can trim them down a little bit to have a fresh cut in order to more easily string components, and you’ll also have enough cord so that you can make a straight cut again before you add the clasps.

That’s an overview of our four new leather lines. There are tons of great design possibilities with these new leathers, and we just know you’re going to love them as much as we do. They all mix together really beautifully, and keep in mind that they will mix well with the metallics and other colors we have available on our website. Please go to antelopebeads.com to find out more, see more gorgeous colors, and more videos with tips on how to use our leathers, and more design ideas too!