Thursday, October 24, 2013

Helen Breil Polymer Clay Molds Review

helen breil molds

helen breil polymer clay moldsOne of the most interesting aspects of designing your own jewelry is experimenting with different textures. Shapes are one thing, but being able to feel the individual grooves and patterns of your custom jewelry adds a touch of originality and beauty that is hard to replicate. Antelope Beads is so proud to carry a line of Helen Breil polymer clay molds and stamps so you can create your own intricate and beautiful jewelry.

Ranging in price from $12.99-$26.00, our selection of Helen Breil texture stamps offers an affordable and fun way to add a contemporary and energetic element to your jewelry creations. From floral designs to geometric shapes, zentangles, and everything in between, these polymer clay stamps are made of high-quality rubber and measure in at 4”x5” with a textured area slightly smaller than that. All of our Helen Breil texture stamps are flexible, washable, and can adapt to use with any type of soft clay you might be using as well as paper and fabrics.

Try using a stamp in a pressed-in technique like the example below to give your jewelry creation some added layers and dimensions, or try stamping the design on the surface of your jewelry like the example below and to the right. This technique gives your jewelry an added visual element without drawing attention away from the rich, bold colors of the piece. Regardless of your design technique, Helen Breil’s texture stamps offer a truly eye-catching choice for custom, handmade jewelry.

helen breil stamped jewelrystamped jewelryAntelope Beads has a wealth of information on Helen Breil and her texture stamps. Check out a gallery of Helen’s creations here, and read more about her story here. If you'd like to see how Helen makes her stamps and learn techniques yourself, check out her instructional video. Furthermore, we’re always excited to see what our customers create with these stamps, so be sure to contact us and share your Helen Breil texture stamp creations with us!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

30 Days of Earrings w/ Change-A-Bead

change-a-bead earrings
With the fall comes new colors, new weather, and plenty of new styles and outfits. Darker, more earth-toned outfits will certainly be in style to usher in the changing season, so why not have jewelry that can change with the seasons as well? What about jewelry that can change with each day? We’re excited to announce our collection of Change-A-Bead Earrings! These fun earrings make it easy to swap out beads from day to day so you can sport a whole new style every day of the month with every outfit you own. Click here to shop for Change-A-Bead earrings and watch our Change-A-Bead introduction and techniques video!

Featuring a rustic or sleek, shiny look with easily maneuverable sides, these change-a-bead earrings work great with any style of beads. Simply pop open the side of the earring, slide your beads and findings onto the horizontal bar, carefully align the other side of the bar, and snap the earring frame back into place!

The pictures below feature these handy earrings with finely polished Kazuri beads to give you a few examples of their versatility. Try these earrings with 3mm rubber o-ring spacers for a spaced out, multi-colored style. They even go great with our selection of pewter beads and TierraCast findings for a dashing metallic look.

What great design ideas do you have using the Change-A-Bead Earring Set? Be sure to share your fun earring designs by contacting us. With so many different bead styles, shapes, and colors to choose from, you’re bound to come up with an original style we haven’t considered.