Thursday, July 18, 2013

Antelope Beads, an Online Supplier of Artisan, Fair-trade Beads and Jewelry Making Supplies, Highlights Leather Bracelet Components and Their Rising Trends

Antelope Beads is proud to highlight their line of leather bracelet components available in a variety of styles and colors for all your jewelry making needs.

Antelope Beads carries a wide selection of artisan, handcrafted beads and jewelry making supplies, but their beautiful line of leather cords and leather for bracelets is the foundation of the jewelry designs they provide. These varieties of clean, beautiful leather are cut from the center of the hide to ensure the finest quality and consistency, and come in different shapes and layouts for flat or round beads to allow plenty of customization. Presented by respected brands like Regaliz, these leather components are backed by a dependable name and provide a durable feel. With such attention to detail and use of the finest materials, it’s easy to see why Antelope Beads is an online leader of beaded jewelry supplies!

All leather bracelet components have the following features:
  • 0.5mm – 10mm widths
  • sold by the inch and cut to length
  • lead-free dyes
  • braided, suede, flat, round styles and more

While these varieties of leather bracelet component are great for jewelry making, they speak to the popularity of leather bracelet trends in today’s jewelry industry. Leather is much more versatile and cost-effective for creating jewelry than metals like silver or gold. While a metal could lose its shine over time and require polishing, leather can be dyed and heat sealed to mimic a metallic appearance. Leather cords, like the ones provided at Antelope Beads, come in a variety of styles from suede and snakeskin to Greek and braided. The many applications of leather, its comfortable feel, and its natural look make leather bracelets more popular in today’s society than they’ve ever been. Customers crave quality, handcrafted artisan products, and it’s why Antelope Beads is proud to offer the finest selection of leather for jewelry making available online.

Why: high quality materials, variety of colors and styles, great value

Antelope Beads is an online retailer of ceramic beads, leather for jewelry making, jewelry components, and more. Visit Antelope Beads today for all of your leather bracelet components, ceramic beads, and jewelry making tutorials.