Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Spotlight on American Made Beading Components and Findings

dorabeth designs pewter findingsAntelope Beads is proud to carry a selection of beads, leather, and findings from companies and groups all around the globe. We’ve been able to support groups like Kazuri Beads and Samunnat Beads from abroad, but we love to support manufacturers of beading products based right here in the United States.

Colorado based Dorabeth Designs, founded by Laurra Fitzgerald and Elaine Teevens, dove head first into associating themselves with employment programs for people in need. Specifically, Dorabeth Designs has been able to employ adults with developmental disabilities so they can learn important job skills, earn an income, and take pride in their work. They also donate some of their components to employment programs to help other groups improve the quality of their creations so they have a higher chance of being sold. Made of pewter, Dorabeth Designs jewelry components are an affordable alternative to expensive, silver jewelry findings, and are able to take on any shape or texture.

clay river beadsClay River, also based in Colorado, was the brainchild of husband and wife team Fred and Deb Becker back in the 1970s. After studying refined clay techniques, Fred was able to take some color and design cues from Deb to create beautiful, earth-toned, and rustic beads that go wonderfully with our selection of Regaliz and euro leather. Take a look at some of their beautiful creations from Clay River right here, and infuse your creations with a bit of beautiful Northern Colorado.

c-koop beadsC-Koop, based in Minnesota, got its name after it was born out of a chicken coop. By fusing glass to metal with a propane torch, C-Koop creator Sara Lukkonen was able to develop a faster method of creating beads that made no two beads look exactly alike. Click here to see for yourself all of the ways Sara has been able to create unique, beautiful enamel beads.

Supporting United States-based companies is a great way to get to know people in your community, and influence the economic health of your towns, cities, and regions. What are some local businesses (maybe even beading businesses) you love to support? Share them with us!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Gift Giving Guide for the Jewelry Maker

This holiday season, give your friends and loved ones gifts that will spark their creativity.  A handful of our handmade, artisan beads for them to use in their own creation along with some leather cord make a great gift.  Don’t forget the essential tools to go along with them so they can make new creations time and time again.
  • Chain nose and round nose pliers are some great beginner tools. They’re great for modifying the length of chain and make adding components and findings like jump rings a breeze. Wire cutters are also fantastic if your favorite DIY-er is fond of soft flex beading wire.
  • If your gift recipient is big on earrings, consider getting them a selection of eye pins or bead pins. Easy to manipulate into different shapes and sold in packs of 20, you can give them the parts they need to make pair after pair of unique earrings! 
  • Above all, glue is an absolute must. It works on several types of components and beads, and we highly recommend if the crafter intends on using Regaliz clasps and components. Double check the glue’s usability with other components like Pave or 5mm round clasps before buying!
Are you a parent, grandparent, or an aunt or uncle? Consider passing down the art of jewelry making to the next generation of your family by giving an Antelope Beads gift certificate. Available in any dollar amount, these certificates can be sent via mail or e-mail. They are a perfect way to let your loved ones find their own creative inspiration and make a piece of jewelry completely unique to them.

What are some ways you plan to use Antelope Beads for your gift giving this holiday season? We’d love to hear the ideas you’ve come up with so be sure to contact us and let us know how Antelope Beads will be part of your holidays this year!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

One Of A Kind Artisan Jewelry Perfect For Holiday Gifts Starting At $15

No time to make jewelry this season? Our artisan designs are the perfect for gift giving or a treat for yourself.  

We have over 350 one of a kind designs using our artisan beads and components now available for sale.  There is something for everyone including Men's bracelets and unique Keychains.  There is only one of each so they will be snapped up quickly.  Click here to see all jewelry for sale. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Earring Making Basics 101 Video Tutorial - Great tips and techniques for beginner jewelry designers

In celebration of our 30 Days of Earrings featured on the website Jamie has created a perfect video tutorial for beginner jewelry designers or for those who want to polish up their skills. Everyone can make custom earrings with the Change A Bead earrings. Ready for more? In this tutorial Jamie shows you how to make 3 earrings from easy as attaching a charm to making a cute dangle earring with chain. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Men's Bracelet Styles and Ideas

men's leather braceletAccent your personal style with the wide diversity of designs available now from Antelope Beads’ collection of men’s leather bracelets. We offer you all the components you need to build designer styles for durable accessories on the cheap. These sleek and structured bracelets come in a range from subtle to stunning for the perfect complement to your unique style. Each men’s bracelet design displays the leather straps, beads, and other components that are available individually from Antelope Beads, allowing you to create a truly endless array of men’s bracelets to suit your own impeccable taste.

men's snakeskin braceletFeaturing a wide selection of the quality leather strap designs that Antelope Beads has available, these stylish bracelet patterns were designed as the perfect masculine accent piece to complement a wide variety of tastes and wardrobes. At Antelope Beads, we source high quality leather goods in a vast selection of styles and colors, including Italian leather and genuine snakeskin designs, sold by the inch for a perfect fit. Studded, braided, and stitched leathers add an individual twist to many of our most popular bracelet styles. These men’s leather bracelet designs also feature an array of accent beads, rivets, and clasps, including magnetic clasps for a unique and seamless look. Worked metal, ceramics, and other materials add color and design to these classic leather bracelet patterns, and are sold individually for a DIY approach to fashion design that allows you to create the best look for you, every time. With components ranging from less than a dollar to just under $10 for clasps and accents, it’s easy to design a great look within your budget.

leather bracelet for menFor the true DIY artist, all components can easily be mixed, matched, and added to so you can create unique and personal pieces. Though our supply lists are popular suggestions for men’s bracelets, the individually sold components are perfect for letting your imagination run wild. Combine flat Italian leather in a vast array of colors and textures from just $0.40 an inch and up with colorful glass or metal sliders and clasps designed for flat leather. Use a rivet punch to add unique studs to your leather for a design all your own. Boro glass, also known as Pyrex, is available as colorful and durable beads and sliders to add color and originality to any men’s bracelet design.

Purchased as a whole design set or individually to unleash your inner creativity, men’s bracelets make an excellent and personal gift for friends and family. The wide variety of clasps, accents, and other components ensure that your bracelet can be as individual and special as the wearer!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Four Favorite Types of Leather Cord: Arizona, Egyptian, Vintage, and Cancun

Looking to explore a new type of leather for your next jewelry project? Our resident designer, Jamie Hogsett, chats about the different types of leather cords you can explore, including Arizona, Egyptian, Vintage, and Cancun leathers. She also reviews tips for working with each kind and inspiration for using them. We have over 30 video tutorials great for all levels of jewelry designers; we even have a few tutorials with projects that require no tools, which are great for beginners!

Hi, this is Jamie from Antelope Beads, and everyone at Antelope Beads is excited to introduce to you four new lines of leather cord. They are called Arizona, Egyptian, Vintage, and Cancun.

First up, we have the Arizona leather cords. It’s soft and smooth, with a really subtle distressed finish. It comes in soft, pretty, neutral colors, as well as bright pops of turquoise, purple, and red. All the colors come in both 5mm and 10mm widths, and here’s a bracelet that shows two of the 5mm Arizona leather cord colors.

Next we have the Egyptian leather cord. It’s a textured cord, also available in both 5mm and 10mm sizes. The tone on tone pattern of it is shown in really rich shades like olive and brandy, and there’s a really cool off-white that looks like an almost icy color. There are lots of other colors as well. Here’s a bracelet made with a piece of 10mm red Egyptian and two 5mm pieces of our next new line, which is called Vintage.

The Vintage line is full of really intense jewel tone colors, has some really nice neutrals as well, and it looks almost like well-worn leather. Almost like it’s been buffed to a shine. Here’s another bracelet with Vintage, this one showing a 10mm piece.

Our fourth new line of leather cord is called Cancun. As you can see it’s a bright cord and the texture is a mix of a real soft suede feel with these kind of bubbles of a bright shiny finish inside. It is available in three sizes: a mini Regaliz size, a 5mm round size, and it also comes in 10mm flat. The unique texture of this Cancun cord makes it just a little bit thicker than other cords, and because of that we ask you to please be sure to reference the leather chart on our website. The leather chart will show you exactly which clasps and components will work with the Cancun leather and which ones will not. Unfortunately there are some that just won’t fit, but the good news is there are tons that will fit, and you will be able to see all that in the leather chart.

In addition, I have a few tips to offer when working with the Cancun cord. First, I recommend that you cut your cord end at a slight angle, and this is going to help you to string on the different components. When stringing with the flat leather, you may be able to get the piece on fairly easily, but if you find it a little bit snug, it’s good to take a pair of needle nose pliers, and just grip the end while you pull the rest of the leather through.

As you can see I’ve cut all three of these at a slight angle, and that will help string on components in all three sizes. This one is a little tight as well but it will go on, and I will recommend that if you ever are trying a component and it won’t work on one side, always make sure to flip it around and try the other side, because you will be amazed at how sometimes that makes a really big difference. Also with the round Cancun, I have found that if I take the piece and kind of twist it as I am putting it on the cord that helps me to get it on more easily.

Now you can see here that the ends fray a little bit as I’m putting components on and because of this, if you are planning to put several components onto a piece of Cancun, we recommend that you purchase an extra inch or so for your designs. That way if your ends are getting a little too frayed, you can trim them down a little bit to have a fresh cut in order to more easily string components, and you’ll also have enough cord so that you can make a straight cut again before you add the clasps.

That’s an overview of our four new leather lines. There are tons of great design possibilities with these new leathers, and we just know you’re going to love them as much as we do. They all mix together really beautifully, and keep in mind that they will mix well with the metallics and other colors we have available on our website. Please go to to find out more, see more gorgeous colors, and more videos with tips on how to use our leathers, and more design ideas too!

Shop over 60 Regaliz® Greek Leather colors and styles at a great price @ was one of the first retailers in the US to carry the beautiful Regaliz® Greek Leather Cord and has one of the largest selections on the web, carrying over 60 colors and styles.

Regaliz Greek Leather
Regaliz® Greek Leather Cord
The 10mm oval cord makes cool bracelets for all ages and genders.  At 50+ cents an inch it is an inexpensive component for a custom jewelry project.

licorice ovel leather
Licorice Leather Cord
Check out our new line of Licorice Leather with fun metallic and mirrored textures. has 100s of leather jewelry supplies and components for your one stop shop Regaliz® Leather Headquarters. Check out over 100 cool Regaliz® Greek Leather Cord design ideas and projects.  Many DIY jewelry projects can be made for less than $15 with no tools required. All you need to do is glue the leather into the clasp and your design is ready to wear in minutes.
Click here to check out our Regaliz® video tutorials and see how simple it is to make a custom bracelet.  

Gift Giving Tip: Wait to glue one side of the leather into the clasp for the perfect fit. Bring your Leather Cutter and fit to size and then glue. Within minutes your loved one will be wearing a perfectly custom fit....designed by you!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dress It Up with Pave Bling

pave bling components
Antelope Beads is all about designing your own jewelry with natural beads that feature bright colors and unique designs, but sometimes your bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry just need to sparkle and shine! With Pave bling components, you can dress up your handmade jewelry, giving it more versatility to be worn with more fashionable outfits and eye-catching attire.

Offered in a variety of designs like crosses, infinity symbols, gemstones, hearts, and geometric shapes, Pave jewelry components add a certain shine and chicness that just can’t be matched. The components are also offered in a variety of colors to make your creations stand out or have a more subtle approach depending on your tastes. Not only do they look great, but they are built to last with each piece cast in brass and plated with its respective color to assure a long life and lasting color.

pave bling cross braceletThese components work great as elements for holiday gifts for your friends and loved ones. Combine the rustic, natural look of handmade, beaded jewelry with the bright shine of dazzling Pave components. Show your significant other how much you care with bright, bold, heart-shaped components. Not only will these pieces look great on your next 10mm flat leather project, they feature a whopping 52 cubic zirconia stones! For friends of the Christian faith, encourage them to share that faith in a beautiful and fashionable way with one of our Pave cross components. Similar to the heart-shaped components, these crosses fit seamlessly onto a piece of 10mm flat leather cord. These components are great on a keychain or bracelet!
pave bling bracelet
Regardless of which particular elements you add to your Pave creation, the result is a piece that is both subtle and flashy, muted and booming, dressed up and dressed down. Combining both ends of the handmade jewelry spectrum into one design adds versatility and shows your creativity. Share with us some of your versatility by sending us photos of your custom Pave bling creations!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Helen Breil Polymer Clay Molds Review

helen breil molds

helen breil polymer clay moldsOne of the most interesting aspects of designing your own jewelry is experimenting with different textures. Shapes are one thing, but being able to feel the individual grooves and patterns of your custom jewelry adds a touch of originality and beauty that is hard to replicate. Antelope Beads is so proud to carry a line of Helen Breil polymer clay molds and stamps so you can create your own intricate and beautiful jewelry.

Ranging in price from $12.99-$26.00, our selection of Helen Breil texture stamps offers an affordable and fun way to add a contemporary and energetic element to your jewelry creations. From floral designs to geometric shapes, zentangles, and everything in between, these polymer clay stamps are made of high-quality rubber and measure in at 4”x5” with a textured area slightly smaller than that. All of our Helen Breil texture stamps are flexible, washable, and can adapt to use with any type of soft clay you might be using as well as paper and fabrics.

Try using a stamp in a pressed-in technique like the example below to give your jewelry creation some added layers and dimensions, or try stamping the design on the surface of your jewelry like the example below and to the right. This technique gives your jewelry an added visual element without drawing attention away from the rich, bold colors of the piece. Regardless of your design technique, Helen Breil’s texture stamps offer a truly eye-catching choice for custom, handmade jewelry.

helen breil stamped jewelrystamped jewelryAntelope Beads has a wealth of information on Helen Breil and her texture stamps. Check out a gallery of Helen’s creations here, and read more about her story here. If you'd like to see how Helen makes her stamps and learn techniques yourself, check out her instructional video. Furthermore, we’re always excited to see what our customers create with these stamps, so be sure to contact us and share your Helen Breil texture stamp creations with us!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

30 Days of Earrings w/ Change-A-Bead

change-a-bead earrings
With the fall comes new colors, new weather, and plenty of new styles and outfits. Darker, more earth-toned outfits will certainly be in style to usher in the changing season, so why not have jewelry that can change with the seasons as well? What about jewelry that can change with each day? We’re excited to announce our collection of Change-A-Bead Earrings! These fun earrings make it easy to swap out beads from day to day so you can sport a whole new style every day of the month with every outfit you own. Click here to shop for Change-A-Bead earrings and watch our Change-A-Bead introduction and techniques video!

Featuring a rustic or sleek, shiny look with easily maneuverable sides, these change-a-bead earrings work great with any style of beads. Simply pop open the side of the earring, slide your beads and findings onto the horizontal bar, carefully align the other side of the bar, and snap the earring frame back into place!

The pictures below feature these handy earrings with finely polished Kazuri beads to give you a few examples of their versatility. Try these earrings with 3mm rubber o-ring spacers for a spaced out, multi-colored style. They even go great with our selection of pewter beads and TierraCast findings for a dashing metallic look.

What great design ideas do you have using the Change-A-Bead Earring Set? Be sure to share your fun earring designs by contacting us. With so many different bead styles, shapes, and colors to choose from, you’re bound to come up with an original style we haven’t considered.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

3mm Round Leather & Components Review

With over 30 new colors and styles of 3mm round leather cord now available at Antelope Beads, your options when it comes to making custom beaded jewelry have never been bigger! Thin, discreet, and durable, a piece of jewelry designed with 3mm round leather cord and 3mm round leather components is the perfect, subtle addition to accessorize any outfit.

Aside from traditional round leather cord colors like browns, tans, and blacks, we’ve been able to expand our offering to include hot colors that pop like red, turquoise, fuchsia, gold, and green. At $0.20/inch for these brightly colored leather cords, you can grab enough leather cord to make new beading projects for everyone in the family! Offered in distressed, metallic, and standard textures, these leather cords are perfect for bringing some color to your more reserved fall outfits.

To accent these bright, fun colors of leather cord, make sure you check out our 3mm round leather components for a great selection of leather clasps, end cap loops, findings from TierraCast, and more! Affordably priced from less than a dollar to $8.50, the metallic shine of these components will really let your leather cord stand out and they come coated in brass, copper, silver, gold, or black finishes. For a modern and sleek design, consider magnetic clasps. Ranging from $6.95-$8.50, these magnetic clasps add an elegant and fluid look to any beaded jewelry.

Add some variety to your collection of beaded jewelry with 3mm round leather and components. With affordable supplies and plenty of colors, there’s no limit to the original designs you can create. If you need some ideas to get you started, be sure to check out our ideas and inspirations to point you in the right direction.

Antelope Beads is your source for artisan beads, leather cords for jewelry, and beading supplies. Visit Antelope Beads today to get started on your beading project!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Great Jewelry Products That Are Perfect for 2013 Fall Jewelry Designs

With fall upon us, be a trend setter with your jewelry designs. The changing colors, the layered look, fun festivities…just look around all for bountiful inspiration! Today, we want to review some great beads, leather cords, and jewelry findings that can be used to create beautiful fall bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and more!

5mm flat braided metallic copper leather
The foundation for any piece of jewelry can be a durable leather cord. For a bracelet, necklace, or 5mm Flat Braided Metallic Copper Leather is a great choice to really let your jewelry findings and components shine through the design. At $0.25/inch, this leather cord is an economical option for your designs.
other piece of jewelry with bright beads and components, consider a darker leather cord for contrast. Our new

Looking for something a bit more textured? Check out our new 5mm Arizona Stitched leather cord which adds a fun element of texture to your jewelry and pairs great with antique silver round magnetic clasps. At $0.60/inch, it’s a more trend setting – yet still affordable – leather cord option.

Kazuri Beads are a great option for distinct, bright bead designs and shapes. The Pita Pat Autumn Love in particular is a fantastic focal for your fall bracelet, necklace, or pair of earrings. Available in 22x24mm, this handcrafted bead from Kenya comes with a pre-drilled hole through the center and a glossy finish that will stand out in any jewelry design. The Autumn Love Bead is $3.75 and can easily be put on thin leather cord for an easy, no tools project. 

What fall jewelry design would be complete without some fun, nature-inspired findings from Dorabeth Designs? We touched on these a bit in our last post, but we just can’t get enough of them! With great textured design shapes like maple leafs, cattails, and frogs, these pewter findings add a lot of flare to a jewelry design. With prices ranging from $2.95 - $28.95, these findings look best on jewelry when used as accents or a main focal.

The thing we love about these beads and findings is their versatility. If your jewelry project box is full of extra components, consider a keychain. We’ve got some great ideas for keychains and some of them are great for fall like the Clown Shoes Round Euro Leather Keychain. Got some other ideas for fall jewelry designs? Let us know!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Samunnat Contest – Win $150 Shopping Spree!

Going on right now until August 31 is a fun, fantastic contest we’re so excited to tell you about! To be eligible for the contest, simply make a necklace, pair of earrings, or bracelet using at least one Samunnat polymer clay bead in your design. All of the other design elements are up to you, and you can submit up to three designs for the contest.

The contest is simple, but we want to provide you with some ideas to get you started. 

This design to the left shows several neat ways you can incorporate the same shades of colors in a variety of shapes and sizes with a soothing, relaxing feel. Notice how the variety of small beads dispersed amongst the larger Kazuri beads really help mix things up a bit and give it that natural feel with unique imperfections throughout the design.

Don’t those pewter jewelry components from Dorabeth Designs look great? We really love how they help invoke that feeling of being near the ocean. Dorabeth Designs has really come up with some great styles and designs for a variety of themes. While many people are partial to their sea life line, they’ve got a great selection of geometric shapes, botanical designs, and even slides that fit conveniently over our Regaliz Greek Leather cord.

A design like this would look great with some deep navy Samunnat Bindu beads to really set off the pewter findings.

While the cool silvers and blues really complement each other well, maybe you like designs with a bit more pop to them. The versatility of the jewelry components from Dorabeth Designs really allow you to apply the pieces to any number of designs like the one shown below with a mixture of artisan Kazuri beads and ocean critters from Dorabeth Designs.

Want to mimic this design with an equally bright design element? Try some of our spring Samunnat Sundari craft beads with beautiful pink, green, and purple tones and great textures.

The fact of the matter is your design choices and elements are nearly endless! With so many different styles of findings, rivets, clasps, leather cords, and artisan beads to choose from, there’s no telling what you cook up. We can certainly say that we’re so excited to see what you submit and look forward to a variety of designs!

Remember to have at least one Samunnat polymer clay bead in your design in order to be eligible! Make sure your submissions are in by August 30 so we can announce the winners on September 10! Submissions should be sent in the form of a high-quality .jpg image to The winner will receive a $150 shopping spree with first and second runners-up receiving shopping sprees of $100 and $50, respectively. If you need any other information, you can view all the details of the contest here.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Antelope Beads, an Online Supplier of Artisan, Fair-trade Beads and Jewelry Making Supplies, Highlights Leather Bracelet Components and Their Rising Trends

Antelope Beads is proud to highlight their line of leather bracelet components available in a variety of styles and colors for all your jewelry making needs.

Antelope Beads carries a wide selection of artisan, handcrafted beads and jewelry making supplies, but their beautiful line of leather cords and leather for bracelets is the foundation of the jewelry designs they provide. These varieties of clean, beautiful leather are cut from the center of the hide to ensure the finest quality and consistency, and come in different shapes and layouts for flat or round beads to allow plenty of customization. Presented by respected brands like Regaliz, these leather components are backed by a dependable name and provide a durable feel. With such attention to detail and use of the finest materials, it’s easy to see why Antelope Beads is an online leader of beaded jewelry supplies!

All leather bracelet components have the following features:
  • 0.5mm – 10mm widths
  • sold by the inch and cut to length
  • lead-free dyes
  • braided, suede, flat, round styles and more

While these varieties of leather bracelet component are great for jewelry making, they speak to the popularity of leather bracelet trends in today’s jewelry industry. Leather is much more versatile and cost-effective for creating jewelry than metals like silver or gold. While a metal could lose its shine over time and require polishing, leather can be dyed and heat sealed to mimic a metallic appearance. Leather cords, like the ones provided at Antelope Beads, come in a variety of styles from suede and snakeskin to Greek and braided. The many applications of leather, its comfortable feel, and its natural look make leather bracelets more popular in today’s society than they’ve ever been. Customers crave quality, handcrafted artisan products, and it’s why Antelope Beads is proud to offer the finest selection of leather for jewelry making available online.

Why: high quality materials, variety of colors and styles, great value

Antelope Beads is an online retailer of ceramic beads, leather for jewelry making, jewelry components, and more. Visit Antelope Beads today for all of your leather bracelet components, ceramic beads, and jewelry making tutorials.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kazuri Beads - Women Helping Women

It’s easy to forget about the struggles currently happening to women around the world in disadvantaged countries. As much as media exposure is needed to inform and educate the general public on civil rights violations and economic hardships around the world, a tangible, impactful change is needed. This is where Kazuri Beads comes in and it’s why we’re so proud to provide their beautiful, ceramic beads and bead jewelry components to our customers. Let us share some of their story with you.

Lady Susan Wood, having spent much of her childhood in Africa due to her parents’ time as missionaries, returned with her husband to the continent and Kenya specifically in the late 1940s to begin a lifelong quest to help better the lives of Kenyans. Their efforts, which began as a coffee plantation and medical research foundations, eventually morphed into what is known today as Kazuri Beads.

Kazuri Beads began in the 1970s when Mrs. Wood hired disadvantaged women to help her make beads in her Kenyan home. Realizing there were thousands of women just like her employees, she began work to expand her business and employ as many disadvantaged women and men as possible. The Kazuri Beads factory provided both a social hub for its employees and a means to develop craftsmanship and life skills that could be applied to the work at hand. With so few opportunities for work, the workers were truly able to provide for themselves and their families for the first time in their lives.

Today, Kazuri Beads emphasizes spreading awareness for the need to provide safe, fair-paying jobs for the disadvantaged citizens of Kenya, and shares the beautiful and vast culture of the country through the bright, colorful, and unique beads produced by the factory’s workers.

Through your purchase of Kazuri beads found online at Antelope Beads, you are directly affecting the livelihood of the people of Kenya. Furthermore, you are strengthening global awareness that women of all cultures, ethnicities, colors, and countries deserve equality, respect, and the opportunity to better themselves as human beings. The mountain to climb is large, but we can do it together and change this world with people like you! 

Antelope Beads is an online retailer of fine, fair trade, artisan beads and bead jewelry components. Carrying a large array of beads from designers like Dorabeth Designs and human aid businesses like Kazuri Beads, you’re sure to find all the unique jewelry components you need to create beautiful, original jewelry and lend a hand in changing the world one bead at a time!