Friday, February 6, 2015

Learn Something New Today! Knotting and Macrame Jewelry Projects and Video Tutroials
Macramé is the art of tying knots to create all sorts of designs. There are really only a few simple knots used for even the most complex projects, which makes it easy to create beautiful jewelry using supplies like leather, cord, and beads. We've developed some videos illustrating simple projects that we know you'll enjoy, and will have more coming!

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The Knotty Do-It-All board, developed by macramé artist Sandra Younger is a great tool for doing all sorts of macramé and knotting projects. The clips and pegs elevate your work, making it easy to knot both above and below your work. The "built-in" ruler allows you to accurately size your work. Sandra has developed some great tutorials using the board that will help you further develop your macramé and knotting skills. Happy Beading!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Leather Bracelet Sizing Suggestions From
Getting the right size for a bracelet can be a bit tricky, and, along with wrist size, depends on other factors such as the overall length of the clasp and the thickness of the leather or beads you are using.

There are some general guidelines for bracelet sizes to start with when determining size. These are guidelines for FINISHED length and you’ll need to take the length of the clasp into account when determining the length of leather or strung/knotted beads needed., if you are using thicker leather, such as Regaliz 6X10mm oval, or larger beads, you’ll need additional length as there will be a significant difference between the inside and outside diameter of the bracelet when it is closed.

The best way to ensure an accurate fit is to finish one end and try the bracelet on for size before finishing the other end. You can then adjust the length of the leather or beads before finishing. An alternative is to cut the leather or string beads to the EXACT length of the wrist; the clasp will typically add about ½ inch. You’ll need to check your clasp, however – some clasps can add more or less than ½”.

Here are some sizing guidelines for FINISHED LENGTH:

Age Finished Length
Adult Women 7-8"
Adult Men 8-9"
Sizing for children listed below:
3 5.25"
4 5.5"
5 5.75"
6-7 6"
8-9 6.25"
10-11 6.5"
Be sure to check out 100s of Design Ideas we have created to inspire your own.

Happy Beading. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tagua Nut Beads make Cool & Eco-friendly Jewelry Designs That Last's the ugly duckling turning into a beautiful swam story in many ways.  Over 35,000 villagers in South America take the ugly palm tree nut and turn them into beautiful and colorful beads.  Tagua is often called vegetable ivory or palm ivory, due to its color and rock-hardness when dried.

See picture of raw nut below.  Tagua nuts have been used for decades to make buttons and dominos, as well. Tagua serves nicely as an environmentally sensitive substitute for animal ivory and can be made into beautiful carved figurines and scrimshaw. Click here to watch our Tagua Nut Beads Video Introduction.
Each unique bead is dyed in rich, fade-proof colors before being hand-carved and polished to a luxuriant luster. Each item has a unique look that upon closer look reveals a beautiful grain. A purchase of Tagua nut beads opens the door to myriad opportunities for creating distinctive, appealing, and environmentally friendly accessories. Check out our beautiful and unique design inspirations using the Tagua Nut Beads. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Antelope Beads - Bead Style Magazine Front Page Featured Design Beads' Portuguese Cork Cord Bracelets, made with artisan beads that we import from all over the world, are featured in Bead Style's globally inspired November 2014 Issue - page 28. We used our beautiful fair-trade Kazuri ceramic sliders made by a women's co-op in Kenya, our amazing Samunnat Polymer Clay Sliders also made by beautiful women living in Nepal, and lastly our Bulahan Wood sliders made in a small village in the Philippines. Click here to see the components used for each.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Design Easy On Easy Off Jewelry With Lycra Ribbon Beading Cord

Making bracelets and necklaces with Lycra Ribbon provides many Easy On Easy Off design opportunities. The stretchy jersey material is sold by the foot and comes in over 40 pretty colors. It is easy to work with and quite versatile.

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There are a number of ways the ends can be finished with knots and / or beads. It is surprisingly compressible, fitting through beads with holes as small as 1.5mm. All you need is a pair of sharp scissors to get started. The ribbon does not fray and cuts cleanly. Click here to watch our Lycra Ribbon Tutorial and learn how to work with the Lycra Cord.
We have been having a great time working with the Lycra Ribbon. It takes a little practice but once you get the hang of it you will see the vast design possibilities to make fashion forward jewelry similar to recycled t-shirt jewelry and other jewelry made using fabrics, a hot trend in the industry right now. Share with us your unique design using the Lycra Ribbon Beading Cord at Happy Beading!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Beads Fit For A Queen! Chinese Crystal Beads for Jewlery Making very excited to introduce Tiaria Chinese Crystal Glass Beads. Our Tiaria Chinese crystal glass beads are made to imitate crystals in brightness, sparkle and facets. Most of our beads use a high temperature method to increase longevity. The quality of the Chinese Crystal Beads are about 65% of the quality of Swarovski Crystals at a considerably lower cost. We have a big selection of over 100 different types of Crystal Beads. We have beautiful Large Hole Rondelles which fit on our 5mm round leather and cork cords. The rest of our collection of Chinese Crystals are 8-inch strands of Designer Mixes - shapes and or colors put together to make it easier for you to create beautiful and unique jewelry.
You can make amazing and unique custom jewelry designs from beginner to advanced level projects.  Click here to see 12 beautiful design ideas we created to inspire your own.  Happy Beading!